Construction Documentation

How can construction photography help you? There is no better way to grasp the “big picture” than to be above it where you can see everything!

Construction Progress: Aerial photography provides a perspective that allows construction progress to be monitored and reported wordlessly. A regular series of shots documents progress over time.

Site Selection: Trace land use patterns for site selection, locate and survey highways, bridges, transmission lines, etc.

Progress Billing: Monitor material delivery, excavation progress and construction steps taken. Monitor progress by subcontractors requesting draws.

Project Management: Develop punch lists, monitor work progress, have a bird’s eye view of how your project is being done.

Document Project History: A series of photos provides evidence of work done,safety steps taken and environmental precautions made.

Document Runoff Control Measures: See control fences and have firm evidence of erosion control and that soil is not leaving the site.

We can document and follow each step of your construction project. Aerial images enhance monthly progress reports and marketing materials. More importantly, our aerial images can help you avoid costly delays in the event of a dispute.

Contact us at SkyView Helicopter and let us help you with the big picture. To start the process, or for more information, download our Construction Order Form.

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