Legal Documentation Photos

Accident SiteAerial photography and airborne HD videography can provide critical evidence in a legal conflict. A wide view from a helicopter gives a perspective that is just not available any other way. We can also zoom in to show details that are needed to make your case.

An aerial photograph or video can be an effective way to show your evidence to its best advantage displaying details that may not be noticeable from the ground. At a glance, you can see damaged property, accident sites, drainage patterns, access roads, nearby businesses, schools and shopping centers, etc.

We can scramble a team and get the photographic evidence you need within hours of your call. Every photograph we take carries an embedded ‘metafile’ with the time and date of the exposure.

We will not discuss your case with another client and your images will never be shown or sold to any other person or company.

Photos and HD videography can be viewed and edited in Studio84’s state-of-the-art video editing studios giving you final say on the content and look of your presentation.  We can also add graphics to emphasize or identify features as you request. Since all of our photos are in a high-resolution digital format, they can be sent via the Internet allowing fast turn around times.

RATES: For more information contact us at (806) 712-1333 or send us an e-mail to:

Tour Rates are based on the length of tour and departure point. All hourly billing rates require a one-hour minimum starting at the aircraft boarding location. All billing is to 1/10 of an hour as read on the aircraft Hobbs meter. Transport of helicopter to and from boarding location is billed at normal rate from our base at Biggin Hill Airpark near Shallowater, Texas.